Air Wars 3

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As well as Air Wars 2 game version, Air Wars 3 is a cool multiplayer air combat game. You control an unmanned aircraft, engage in intense air battles, beat all the players in the world to win the top spot. When start you join a game room of your choice or create your own custom game. You attack enemy aircraft and capture their flag. The game is many 3D maps to explore, conquer, gives you a lot of fun. Don't forget to unlock new aircraft, upgrades like speed and weapon power can be bought and added to any plane. There are many interesting things for you to explore and experience, and play together.

Controls :

Use Mouse to aim/shoot.
Use C or right mouse button to the cockpit view.
Use W or up arrow to boost speed.
Use AD or left and right arrows to turn.
Use S to slow down.
Use Esc to the menu.
Use P to toggle advanced graphics.

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