Ball Avoid

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Ball Avoid is an entertaining and addicting arcade game in which the objective is to avoid colliding with as many balls as possible to get the highest possible score. The game is a classic example of arcade games.
As the name of the game suggests, the purpose of this game is to avoid being struck by any of the balls that are rolling in your path. The balls are going in your current direction. The speed at which these balls are moving and the direction from which they are coming are both entirely different. As a consequence of this, you should exert every possible effort to extend your life for as long as you possibly can. This game will decide your score based on how long you can remain alive during the duration of the game. To play this game, all that is required is to slide the mouse to move the ball. Taking possession of it is a straightforward process. Not only that, but this game also has gameplay principles that are easy to understand and visuals that are instantly recognizable. Following a long and stressful day at work, it is predicted that playing this game will provide you with delightful moments of relaxation that you will be able to enjoy.
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