Basket Battle

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"Basket Battle," a free amusement game, is a lot of fun and has gained a lot of traction recently.
The goal of this game is for you to emerge victorious by contributing as many aspects of your personality as possible to the contest in order to earn the prize. Click anywhere on the screen, and then drag the pointer in the desired direction, and the ball will be thrown in that direction. After the ball has discovered its path, you can restart the process by clicking on the screen once more to bring about the same results as before. Your character will now pursue the ball and toss it in the direction that you changed earlier as a result of this action. In order to pass each level, you will need to have a reaction time that is far faster than that of your opponents. This will allow you to get the ball into the ring the required amount of times. The amount of money you make is directly proportional to your level of achievement in achieving your goals. If you want to have a more fun time playing the game, please use the coins you've collected to unlock additional caps and balls so you may customize your experience.
Let's go head-to-head in this game and see who comes out on top.

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