Bob the Robber 2

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Bob the Robber 2 is the sequel to the game Bob the Robber. In this part the gameplay is the same as the old one, but it will have more interesting and richer challenges. You must be stealthy in each level to complete the objective and successfully escape. Bob help the local thief to save the city in this stealthy thieving adventure. Bob the Robber 2 features 10 different levels, each filled with security cameras, guards, trap doors, and more. You need to complete the target and pass the level to level up. Hide in the shadows to avoid the gaze of the security cameras, snip wires to slip past the laser barriers, pick locks and find the passcodes for steel doors. Become a silent hero in the dark, punish the corruption of the mafia and rich CEOs to help the poor save the city. Good luck.

Controls :

Use AD or left/right to move.
Use up or down arrow to interact.
Use space bar to knock-out a guard.

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