Bomb it 1

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Many people enjoy playing Bomb it 1, a free entertainment game.
In this game, your objective is to release explosives in key spots to destroy these sugared barriers and make it possible for you to reach your primary objective, which is to remove the other characters. Your goal in Bomb It 1 is to become the only person left alive in the level by destroying every other character in the game. This is the price you have to pay for being the only person to survive, even though some of the cupcakes will be ruined. At this point, you are prepared to enter the world of delectable dishes that may even satiate a craving for something sweet, after you have selected your character. The other characters will begin setting bombs and clearing their path as soon as you enter the level, so you need to make every effort to avoid becoming sidetracked by these mouthwatering treats. Because a bomb has a range of a particular number of blocks, you should run away as soon as you drop it. Your body will suffer damage, and you will eventually perish if you are caught in an explosion.
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