Bomb It 3

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Many individuals appreciate playing Bomb It 3, which is a free and engaging game.
In this game, your objective is to remain the only individual standing at the end of each level by destroying every opponent. Since your opponent's path is obscured, you should therefore test your pyrotechnics against the obstacles that comprise a labyrinth of walls and pathways. Place your explosives adjacent to the blocks if you wish to detonate them; however, avoid remaining there for an extended period; failure to do so will result in you being rendered unconscious. After approaching the adversary's location on a particular side of the map, you must position explosives along their path with deliberate intent. It would be prudent to subsequently offer a prayer for the best. Notwithstanding this, prudence is required! Your opponents are not defenseless and may also attempt to detonate explosives under the table. Therefore, remain vigilant for any covert attempts to do so. Four unique game modes are available, each of which requires you to complete a distinct set of objectives.
Commencement of the game is required.

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