crowd city 2

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Players can now access and play Crowd City 2, a popular io arcade game, without paying any money.
The secret to winning this challenge is to accomplish as much as you can in the shortest amount of time while also drawing as much attention as you can. You won't have a chance to win till then. Your primary focus will be on the white people whose lives you observe in the city on a daily basis as you strive to develop a plan for your impending attack on the metropolis. As you get closer to them, they will start to adopt your color, a sign that they have joined your group and that you are soliciting them. They will start to take on your hue as you approach closer to them. They will begin to take on the color of whatever you are wearing as you get closer to them. You may encounter a sizable number of other players on the map, and like in the vast majority of other io games, they will all be working towards the same goal as you. Pay close attention to this figure because if your crowd is bigger than the crowd of another player, you can move citizens from your crowd to their crowd in addition to the residents who were not chosen. Only if your crowd is larger than their crowd does this power exist. Please pay attention to the statistical data that is provided below. As a result, your objective should be to beat the other competitors in the tournament by obtaining the best score possible.
How about we start the game now, shall we?

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