Electron Dash

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Electron Dash is a fun and free infinite runner game that a lot of different individuals find to be an incredible amount of fun to play.
In order to successfully accomplish your mission, you will need to navigate the space pipelines while avoiding hazards and collecting the necessary materials. The point of this game is to see how many things you can check off your to-do list without breaking a sweat. You will not only need to leap in multiple directions, but you will also need to maneuver laterally in order to make it through the difficult parts of the level. To be more specific, the level of difficulty of the game will increase in a manner that is proportionate to the overall distance traveled by the player. You are expected to do a running jump over any distance, and then propel yourself into the air when the situation calls for it.
Let's pit our wits against one another in this tournament and find out who is the smartest of the bunch.

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