Geometry Dash Levels 7-8

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Geometry Dash Levels 7-8 and Geometry Dash Levels 9-10 are the two further iterations of the endless runner arcade game that you are now playing, Geometry Dash Levels 1-6.
You will need to take control of a geometric object and navigate your way through a series of risky circumstances in order to win this challenge. The seventh and most challenging level in the Geometry Dash series is called Jumper. It is also the game's seventh level overall, making it distinct from the other levels. It is noteworthy since it is the seventh level in the series in addition to everything else. "The Time Machine" is the name of the eighth and, perhaps, most challenging level in the Geometry Dash video game series. Given that this level falls under the Harder difficulty setting for the game, users should expect a challenging experience at this point. A brand-new clone gateway will be a part of the Time Machine expansion. As the ship gets closer to completion, the task will become more difficult because there will be more antigravity components and three times as many combinations. You will not be able to advance in this game and will have to start over from the very beginning if you do not respond fast and leap when it is appropriate to do so. The game will allow you play as whole different characters if you gather all of the stars you come across along the way.
Let's battle in this game against one another to see who can win.

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