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The online survival game known as is a lot of fun, and a lot of people really love playing it.
Your objective is to assume command of a black hole and direct its voracious appetite toward the various objects that appear on the screen. You'll play the part of a hole, and your goal will be to navigate a metropolis that's full of different items, as well as other players from different parts of the world. You will develop personally and intellectually if you make the most of the many new opportunities and insights presented to you while traveling. You can only consume things that are either smaller than or exactly the same size as your black hole. You won't be able to consume anything larger than that. Simply keep your distance from larger players so that they don't eat you alive, and work toward increasing both your point total and your size so that you can become as massive as possible. Even entire buildings can be absorbed, and not just partially; the process is total. You will be able to unlock new skins if you have completed a certain number of various quests.
Let's get the game started right now, shall we?

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