Machine City Balls

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Machine City Balls, a game that is both free and amusing, is a favorite among a significant number of players.
In this game, your purpose is to complete a mission that is loaded with a variety of hurdles, such as sudden curves, enormous gaps, life-threatening traps, and other obstacles. The ball's speed can be increased at the beginning of the game by clicking and dragging the mouse up on the screen. This will cause the ball to move faster. If you want to slow down, you can do so by dragging the cursor down. If you want to avoid getting trapped in traps and impediments, one thing you should do is change your speed. Since you are only allowed five lives at each level, you need to exercise extreme caution. On the other hand, you shouldn't worry about this because you will be able to acquire additional lives as you progress through the level. If you lose a life while playing a level, you will start the following level from the most recent checkpoint that you have traversed if you have a sufficient number of lives. Additionally, in addition to the ability to collect lives, there is also the possibility of collecting coins. By making use of them, you will be able to unlock a broad selection of various skins for your ball.
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