Marble Dash

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A great number of individuals take pleasure in playing Marble Dash, which is a ball-shooting game that is both free and fun.
The player is responsible for removing all of the marbles from the row before they reach the end of the row. This is your obligation. To remove marbles from the track, you must first match three or more marbles of the same color within the course. Only then will you be able to remove additional marbles. There are three power-ups, bonuses, and special marbles that may be earned, and they can be of assistance to you in navigating through extremely tough stages. These powers can be unlocked by completing certain levels. You should start your journey through the forest and learn how to traverse it on the first level. This is where you should begin your journey. By utilizing your cursor, you can maneuver about and aim at the line of marbles that is getting closer to you.
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