Mob Control

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The free online game Mob Control is not only fascinating but also very well-liked by its players.
The purpose of this game is to pit you against other players in a competitive environment, which will encourage you to get better with each round that you take part in. You have to make it to the checkpoints, kill the hostile guards stationed there, and then make your way to the enemy's base in a large enough number to destroy it. Be aware of combinations, since many platforms need your men to complete the passage through two gates in rapid succession. In each of these situations, you should first calculate the results, and then work toward attaining the highest possible number you can get. If one of the other competitors touches your cannon, you will be removed from the competition. All it takes is one touch to end your chances of winning. You should give priority to the defense, and your primary focus should be on staying out of harm's way while yet dealing a steady amount of damage to the enemy base(s).
Let's go head-to-head in this game and see who comes out on top.

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