Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart is a well-known, freely accessible online game that can be located on numerous websites.
In this game, you play as a young monkey and are tasked with managing the numerous products you produce and selling them to a variety of consumers. Maintain a seamless operation and prioritize providing exceptional customer service. You must start selling eggs and bananas immediately at your charming little market. Bananas are an obvious choice for your first produce. After they are completely grown, collect them and spread them out on the kitchen counter. Customers are currently using the store's entrance to enter. After distributing the eggs to the bananas, collect them and place them on the counter where you were working. Then you'll have access to more space, be able to expand the retail space you already own and administer, and sell more products to increase your revenue. You may decide to establish a business selling milk, flour, bread, and banana puree in a can using the funds you have accumulated. Due to the expansion of both the company's customer base and its physical location, you will require more employees to assist you in administering the store.
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