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Many individuals take pleasure in playing, which is a game that is both free and pleasant to play.
During playing this game, your purpose is to maintain your life for as long as you possibly can. To begin, you must first select a mode by clicking the play button located on the main menu, and then clicking the category that you want to use. In the classic mode, you will have a total of 48 levels to complete before you may stop playing. The second mode is a mode that is referred to as the limitless mode. When you click and drag the cursor to your enemies, you can launch an assault on them. This is a straightforward method of attacking them. They will suffer a reduction in their health every time you hit them, and this will continue every time. When you attack your opponents at the beginning of the game, you will deal the most damage to them, so make sure to aim where you want to hit them. The greater the number of enemies you defeat and the greater the number of levels you complete, the more coins you will be awarded. It is possible to unlock a wide number of characters by using these coins, and each of these characters has its own individual set of statistics.
Let's get involved in a game, shall we?

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