Rainbow Obby

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Rainbow Obby transports its players on a magical adventure into the skies via an exquisite maze. Do you believe you have what it takes to tackle this challenging course and get to the finish line?
You can begin playing and embarking on your journey by simply clicking anywhere on the screen. The intriguing persona will soon be yours to govern. Her movement can be controlled using the WASD keys, and she can jump by pressing the space bar. The player must jump from one platform to the next in order for their character to advance in the game. After a predetermined amount of jumps, the player will encounter checkpoints. In the event that the player's character is destroyed by falling off a platform or coming into touch with a dangerous object, they are placed at the end of each level to act as respawn locations. Note that this is an extremely difficult game, and it will take a lot of tries for the player to get to the point where they want to be. Are you confident you have what it takes to get through this really challenging obstacle course and cross the finish line?
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