Stair Race 3D

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They will have the opportunity to play the free diversion game Stair Race 3D, which they may eagerly anticipate. This topic piques the interest of a large number of individuals.
The objective of this game is to first win a race to acquire boards of your color, and then to arrange those boards so that they form steps atop a pedestal. In order to complete this assignment, you must collect the maximum number of boards with your color. As you rush across the board in search of pieces of your chosen color, your opponent will employ a strategy that is virtually identical to yours. You have the option of intentionally colliding with them to force them to relinquish their possessions; however, you must exercise caution, as this strategy will only work if you are carrying more items than they are at the moment of the collision. Because you have more items than they do, they will abandon theirs if you are transporting more. Be aware that any player can attack another in an attempt to cause them to lose their pieces so that they can advance further in the game themselves.
Let's determine who among us is the most educated by competing in this tournament and observing who emerges victorious.

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