Stickman Running Around

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Due to how simple it is to play, Stickman Running Around is a free game that attracts a lot of players. This is most likely a result of the game being both entertaining and unique at the same time.
The object of the game is to complete one full circle of the track while dodging and jumping over a variety of obstacles in the shortest amount of time. How effectively you are able to adequately pace your jumps directly relates to how well you will be able to avoid being run over when you are moving around. when you're moving around and attempting to avoid being run over. Do you ever have the impression that life is just a never-ending loop and that you're just a stick figure being dragged through it? No? So you will now. Simply hop around the circle as you run around it and act like a good little stickman is all that is required. You are required to do this. After that, you must form a circle around one another. It's hardly feasible that it will be that difficult, is it? Stickman, you have a very wrong way of thinking! When you are racing about, especially if you are trying to avoid getting wounded, it is vitally essential for you to carefully space out your leaps.
Let's compete against one another in this contest of wits to discover who can win.

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