Strike Force Heroes

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Strike Force Heroes is an exciting and free-fighting entertainment game that is enjoyed by a lot of people. The game is known as Strike Force Heroes.
Make use of formidable weaponry to bring an end to your adversaries! After each victory, you should make it a point to improve your arsenal by adding heavier armaments and upgrading the ones you already have. Take part in grueling matches, and witness incredible action sequences as they unfold. You also have the option of challenging your adversaries to a one-on-one match in which you will fight to the death. Fight according to your own set of guidelines, and good luck!
You have the option of using the WASD or Arrow keys to navigate the environment.
To make your character leap, you can hit the arrow key W, the Up key, or the space bar.
To get into a crouching position, either press and hold the S button or the Down arrow key on your keyboard.
You can use the mouse to control your aim. To fire, just click the button.
You can switch weapons by using the Q key on your keyboard or the Shift key.
Let's get the game started right now, shall we?

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