Super Buddy Kick

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Many people enjoy playing the free game Super Buddy Kick, which is meant to be both engaging and enjoyable.
In order to succeed in this game, you must establish a legendary reputation as the most valiant warrior in history. It is your responsibility to raise his education to that of a marine. If he persists in being a bother, you will first strike him, then throw him outside, and finally, you will think of shooting him. You must have access to a mouse in order to participate in this game. The flame pistol will start a fire on its own if you try to punch him and your hand touches his head. You can choose to drag your friend behind you once you kick them out of the game. You will receive cash rewards at various times during the game as you go. By purchasing upgrades with these coins, you can invest in the upgrading of your weaponry. There are a total of twelve unique options available to you, including tools and weapons like handguns, grenades, and hammers. Are you actually ready to begin your exercise regimen?
Let's begin the game, shall we?

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