Sushi Cat 2

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The free amusement game known as Sushi Cat 2 is utilized by a great number of individuals, and they take pleasure in playing it.
Within the context of this game, you are tasked with the job of dispensing as many pieces of sushi to the cat as you possibly can. On the left side of the screen, you can see the stomach of the sushi cat's body. Because this cat has an appetite that is more than healthy, there is a great deal of space available for the storage of food. Displayed on the right side of the screen is the quantity of sushi that is still available at the level to be consumed. It will be possible for you to acquire all of the sushi if you let the cat drop onto the peggle game board. If the cat comes into contact with a piece of sushi, it will immediately leap down onto pegs and platforms to retrieve it. Additionally, you will have the chance to get some one-of-a-kind chunks of sushi! If you have gold options, your feline companion will be able to wear fashionable new garments.
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