Tall Man Evolution

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Playing the arcade action-adventure game Tall Man Evolution is fun for a lot of different people.
The goal of this game is to expand in both height and width as the game progresses. Your objective is to assist in directing your stick figure through the appropriate gateway so that he can acquire the greatest potential height and width. The only condition that must be met is to choose the colored gates that are associated with the highest potential total. height or circumference, or both; either height or circumference; either; Follow the arrows to find out how the portal will affect your body, and then proceed to enter the portal when you are ready. Take command of this adventurer to get started on your journey. In order to maintain control of him as he continues to go in the direction of the goal, you will need to move in both the left and right directions. Maintain your focus on the green portals, and stay away from the red portals as much as possible because they will deplete your health. The most difficult part of this route will be navigating the obstacles, which include craters. You'll need to make use of the keys in order to conduct leaps and gather the floating purple diamonds.
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