The Baby in Yellow

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The Baby in Yellow is a well-known game that may be played for one's own leisure whenever they feel like it and at any time that is convenient for them. The game is completely free of charge. Over the past few years, the game has seen a significant increase in popularity.
Within the confines of this game, you will don the apron of a babysitter and be tasked with supervising a rowdy gang of children. Take care of the baby who is wearing a yellow t-shirt, but be aware that the rest of the room will look very weird and foreign to you. The baby is the only person in the room who is familiar to you. This is how the rest of the space will appear in the room. Within this very foreign setting, the only thing that will feel normal to you will be the baby. As soon as you have finished all of the chores that have been given to you for the day, you will be able to call it a day and put the day behind you. After that, you will need to get ready for the evenings, during which you will be responsible for taking care of your children while also attempting not to be too afraid along the way. After that, you will need to get ready for the evening. After that, you will need to get ready for the nights that are still to come.
In order to determine who is the most intelligent participant in this tournament, let's pit our wits against one another.

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