Tripping Balls

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Numerous individuals take pleasure in playing Tripping Balls because it is a game that is not only free but also enjoyable.
Your purpose in this game is to travel as far down the tube as you possibly can by pressing the relevant buttons and avoiding making any mistakes possible. After you are prepared to start the game, you can start it by clicking the play button. In the tunnel, you will find yourself on the opposite side of the tunnel, which will be colored a different color than the other side! During your journey, you will continue to encounter balls. If you click the left or right arrow key on your computer, you will be able to match the ball to the sides based on the color of the ball! Sometimes, you might catch a glimpse of certain symbols that are displayed on the ball. When you shoot the ball, you should always aim it in the direction that the arrow is pointing from, regardless of the color of the arrow. This is a crucial factor to keep in mind. I would ask that you please make every attempt to act swiftly.
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