Wheely 2

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Wheely 2 is a free online game that offers players hours of pleasure and delight, and a lot of people find that playing it in their spare time is a truly enjoyable way to spend their time.
Your objective in this game is to assist Wheely in his pursuit of the truck and to get the two characters back together with one so that they can continue their adventure together. By working together to complete this quest, you'll be able to show Wheely that there are no obstacles that can keep couples from being together. Wheely 2 gives you the opportunity to continue your journey through the land, sea, and even into the sky as you continue the story of the next chapter in the life of the little red automobile! There are a total of 16 levels, and each one has its own unique cast of people as well as its own set of problems.
In this competition, let's pit our wits against one another and see who comes out on top.

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