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Using - Conquer the World, you have the power to annihilate every opponent in the game. Make use of the opportunities presented by numbers to leverage their strength for you and rule every county in every state. In order to advance in the tournament, confront a huge number of opponents at once and set them against one another. The opening skirmish is about to begin, so get ready!
Pick either the red or the blue nation, and get ready to rule the map! When you have the entire world covered, start with a tiny area and progressively increase your coverage. When a county's population reaches a specific level, one only needs to wait until that county reaches that threshold before relocating its residents to another county of one's choice. Hold the center of your district firmly in place as you move it outward toward the area you want to dominate. Although your centers are producing more warriors at a rapid rate, you are still able to keep track of where your soldiers are at all times. Make a plan, and then calmly wait for the right moment to attack when the adversary is at their most vulnerable. Another ideal location to start is to conquer uninhabited territories close to your base if you want to multiply your production rate and increase your numbers faster than your rivals. Your achievements ought to translate into money that you may use to boost your starting points, your rate of progress, and your passive income. You'll need to unlock additional features, customize your army to match your needs, and advance in the game in order to receive gifts.
In this game, let's face off against each other to see who will win.

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