Advertisement 40 votes : 4.47 / 5 1 is a hot multiplayer intense sea battle game. In it you will play with hundreds of players around the world. To win you need to destroy your enemies' base.  Move the big bomb to the enemy's headquarters by picking up the mine crates. And collect enough experience crates to level up your boat. Don't forget additional ammo by picking up ammo barrels. Gather strength for your battleship: Mine crates, XP crates, Ammunition crates, Repair crates. There are two modes for you to play: HQ Destruction and Team Deathmatch. Take a breath and discover new things, chat with players around the world.

Controls :

Use W or up arrow to accelerate
Use AD or left/right arrow to rotate
Use the Space bar to open fire directions.
Use Q and E to firebombs.
Use Left click to move freely or shoot enemies.

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