Tap Tap Shots

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Numerous gamers enjoy playing Tap Tap Shots since it is a free and entertaining game.
The objective of this game is for you to accumulate as many points as you can while also continuing to fight for as long as you can. Until you can shoot the ball through the hoop, you need to click left and keep clicking. If you want to earn a high score, you should keep scoring as many baskets successively as you can. There is a time limit that is displayed at the very top of the screen. You must tally up your points before the clock runs out. After that point, the game will be over if you are unable to make a basket. When you make a basket, however, the clock will reset and begin over from the beginning. It is necessary to be quick and quick to react to continue playing because the height of the round changes after each shot. Every basket you make earns you points.
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