Bike Racing 3

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Bike Racing 3 is an action-packed adventure motorcycle game. In this high-speed racing adventure, you race, jump and crash your way through amazing frontier tracks with other crazy rivals while mastering motorcycling skills and physics. There are brand new bikes, new maps, and even more upgrades in the third season of Bike Racing. Maintain your balance and avoid crashes as you attempt to complete each driving challenge. When driving through hills, you must be mindful of your fuel consumption and the distance you travel. Your goal is to progress as far as possible with new goals that have been set for you. However, running out of gas while driving takes only a few seconds. So keep an eye on the indicator in the upper left corner of the screen and try to get the nearest fuel bonus in a red box. You should click on the right gas pedal to go forward and the left pedal to go backward. Try to strike a balance between speed and fuel use by only clicking these pedals when you need to. Collect coins and use them to upgrade bike components like engine power, fuel, traction, and suspension in Bike Racing 3. Go through different tracks and unlock bikes differently as you go. Upgrades include increased fuel capacity allowing you to carry more fuel and go further.

Controls :

Use mouse to play game.

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