Bomb It 7

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Bomb it 7 is a cool game. Your task is place your bombs in order to blow things up and be the first to complete your goal in order to win, but avoid being destroyed yourself. You have two game modes, play solo with AI or play with real people with friends around the world. This version features a heap of new challenges, maps. There are brand new features in this chapter either like before as you will dress up your character however you want and you will have quite the blast. You can select the amount of players, enemies and the level you want to play at. And choose the arena yourself or let the CPU randomly select one for you. 

Controls :

Player 1 controls:
     - Arrow keys or WASD to control.
     - Space bar to drop the bomb.
Player 2 controls:
     - Arrow keys to control.
     - Enter to drop the bomb.

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