Fireboy And Watergirl

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Fireboy And Watergirl is an interesting addictive puzzle game. You control Fireboy And Watergirl both characters at the same time, working together to find a safe exit. Fireboy is a fire-fingered boy who can get through the lava lakes without any problem, being immune to everything that is fire or flame. Watergirl is a colored in blue and symbolizing water, it is immune to everything that means water, ice, snow, managing to get through these obstacles easily. They can help each other by pushing buttons and by moving doors. You need to collect red, green, blue, orange diamonds as well as additional lives to pass all levels of difficulty of the game.
The game is divided into 5 sessions: Forest, Light, Ice, Crystal, Element, and each session has multiple levels.

Controls :

Use arrow keys to control fireboy.
Use WAD to control watergirl.

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