Janissary Tower

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Janissary Tower is a cool 2-player tower battle game. You are a worker in two great empires and your mission is to defend the tower from the enemy empire in this fun two-player game. In the game, you need to build a defense and destroy your opponents using cannons.

To start the game, select the level first. In small boxes, you will find weapons to fill the tanks and open fire. A machine in the sky will hand down extra weapons to you for later when you are out of bullets. There are three different types of cannons, each with unique features, and they will be effective weapons depending on your strategy. Collect bricks to reach different points on the map and strengthen your defenses. Try to collect flying smart balloons and game bonuses but be faster than your enemies.

The mission is bigger than you both have a common enemy who sends war machines into the sky to kill you. You can play 6 different levels with different architectures of each level. Can you create your own fortified tower?

Controls :

Player 1: Use WASD to control and shoot.

Player 2: Use arrow keys to control and shoot.

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