K-Games Challenge

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K-Games Challenge is a series of games based on the popular Netflix movie, Squid Game. To play games like Green and Red Lights, Honeycomb Candy, Tug of War and Marbles with AI opponents in a 3D configuration, the game has a smooth 3D configuration. It will be easy for you to win all of the games in a short period of time if you use arcade rules and controls. Here, you'll face a variety of tasks that demand both quick reactions and agility. In order to keep you from getting bored, each task will be different from the last. Running is the only way to win and survive. The most important thing is to move in a straight line and avoid stopping. You'll have to enter a fight at the end of the level, and the outcome will be determined by how many blue dots you've collected so far. We need you to throw the marble into the hole six times, much like the Marbles. The level can only be completed in the green parts. Jumping over the square platforms in the precise order is also a difficult task. Before you begin, some of them will be illuminated in green. There are no dangers in jumping from these platforms. If you make a mistake, the abyss is waiting for you! In the end, you'll have to get through the war stage. Pulling a rope, you'll aim to outdo your opponent in terms of speed and strength. If you don't succeed, a gigantic sword will sever your limbs in half. You can play K-Games Challenge if you're a lover of extreme games or the Squid Game movie. You can play K-games Challenge for free, playable on all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and Android systems. Have fun.

Controls :

Use mouse and left click to play game.

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