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PaperAnimals.io is a fun animal game. You start with a small wild animal and fight for survival with players around the world. You run around grasslands, hills, and trees, and mark your territory as you go. Take control of the area and don't allow anyone to enter your domain, and take over other players' territories. To survive, you cannot cross your own path, nor crash into the edge of the map. Use slowing the enemy when he attacks you to your advantage. As you progress you have the opportunity to change characters, each character has different characteristics in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Some can speed up, others can slow down enemies. Discover all the perks and unlock new beasts by leveling up. Learn the hardest fighting techniques in PaperAnimals.io to beat your opponents with certainty and take first place on the leaderboard. Play, win, and unlock new heroes.

Controls :

Use mouse to control.

Use click to activate the skill.

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