Rabbit Samurai 2

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Rabbit Samurai 2 is a ball game with unusual gameplay. Click and hold to shoot your hook in any direction to control a rabbit ball. Guide the ball through the forest, collecting as many hidden carrots, bees, and diamonds as you can. To complete the level, you must safely reach the door. You must find and rescue the little mice from the mousetrap at the wolf's lair in the green land, especially before reaching the safe place. There are many various obstacles and traps along the path, and you must control your bunny ball to jump and soar past all of the dangerous areas. Each level has a finite number of carrots, and it is simple for a casual player to miss them. Success is contingent not only on selecting the correct location to aim the hook, but also on releasing go of the rope at the appropriate time. If the rabbit does not cling to the wall, it will roll over, so keep an eye out for those traps! Aim and click to release the hook. To let go, release the button!

Controls :

Use arrow key to control.

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