Squid Challenge Green Red

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The survival game in the famous Squid Game is being stored in the world and is noticed by many people. In this game you will join the red light light game. This is the most eliminated game in the film and also the first game of the movie, it really haunts. With the challenge that runs red light green lights is extremely interesting, you will participate in the game with us. When you enter the game you need to observe and listen to a huge doll wearing orange dress singing, your mission is to run the destination before the time runs out by running when she is singing and stopping when she Finish singing. Pay attention to watching her gaze when she stops singing and turns her head, then you need to stand still, if she discovers you move, you will be eliminated. In the movie is a mourning, fierce and fear atmosphere, but this online game will be interesting and not scary. Have you tried playing Squid with your best friend? Play and feel the movie atmosphere. Wish you have fun time with Squid Challenge Green Red, play for free.

Controls :

Use mouse to move and left click mouse to run.

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