Squidly Game

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Squidly Game is an online version of the red light game popular among Korean children. The game, which is based on the popular film Squid Game, has captured everyone's attention. You will be involved in a fierce battle for survival in this game. The game is extremely addictive; to win, you must be observant and quick on your feet. You will begin with hundreds of people, and your mission will be to run to the finish line at the red line before time runs out. It may appear simple, but you must not make any mistakes or you will lose your life. Pay attention to the giant doll in front of you singing; when the doll finishes the song and turns around, you must stand still and continue in this manner until you reach the finish line. Who will fail and be kicked out of the game? Who will make it to the end and take home the grand prize? The game is a lot of fun and not as scary as it appears in the movies; play it for free here and have a good time.

Controls :

Use left click to run.

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