Sticky Road

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Sticky Road is a fun horror game inspired by the famous Happy Wheels. There are new features in this. You control an old man in a wheelchair through deadly traps, your task is to help your character survive as long as possible and reach the end of the level. To win the game you need to apply the physics you've learned to skillfully move the wheelchair successfully. You will encounter drag, thrust, or more scary things, you will lose if you encounter too many collisions, which makes your character exhausted and lose too much blood. Play and unlock more interesting character creation. The interesting thing about this game is that the completely new graphics bring a whole new experience. Combined with scary sounds that help your imagination fly, the stimulation is what makes this game attractive. Can you help the old man or the young man move without taking any damage? Play and practice super skills, you can play Sticky Road for free here. Have fun.

Controls :

Use WASD or arrow keys to control.

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