Mine Shooter

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Mine Shooter is a fun shooting game themed around the popular sandbox video game. Mine Shooter is here to help you fight back against the hordes of the undead. You must be able to withstand an enemy attack. Assault rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, grenade launchers, and bazookas are all at your command. Skeletons can be killed by shooting them, but beware of zombies. Do what you do best and save the world. Before they explode and inflict damage on you, aim to shoot the invaders. Keep your distance from the enormous stone golems and use your weapons as best as you can. Watch out for spooky skeletons and a horde of zombies. What do you think of your chances of surviving? It's time to show off your abilities and save the world.

Controls :

Use Mouse to look around.
Use WASD to move.
Use W + Shift to Run.
Use pace to jump.
Use Left Mouse Button to Shoot.
Use Right Use Mouse Button (Hold) to Aim.
Use Mouse wheel to next/leading weapon.
Use 1-7 to weapon hotkeys.
Use R to reload, Use F to knife attack 1.
Use Q to knife attack 2.
Use G to throw a grenade.
Use T to inspect the weapon.
Use E to remove weapon.

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